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Bio Tube Applicator™

Bio Tube Applicator™

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The Bio Tube Applicator

Introducing our revolutionary new manufacturing tool, the Bio Tube Applicator™.

  • Struggling with part assembly?
  • Health and safety fears growing?
  • Production lead times spiralling?

These common problems could be eliminated by using our tube application product. Operators can place a

filter, barb, Y etc in the dock along with the appropriate tubing and watch as our tool effortlessly connects the


Key Features:

  • Eliminate the need for Alcohol based lubricants saving costs and the environment.
  • Potential to reduce production time dramatically.
  • Potential to reduce risk of RSI and other health problems.
  • Does not damage the tube internal bore as with tube expanders.
  • Crafted from highly durable materials; factory knocks and spills are no longer a concern.
  • Highly portable, the tool can be moved around your facility freely.
  • Designed with safety in mind to have two-handed operation and a protective shield.
  • CE Marked and meets all relevant standards.
  • Unit is fully programmed to your exacting specifications for timing and operation.