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Moulage à Façon

Moulage à Façon

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Sani-Tech® Sealing and Transfer Systems

Manufactured from high-purity, platinum-cured silicone elastomers, thermpoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastics, our Sani-Tech® Sealing and Transfer System components provide an aseptic seal for handling various high-purity fluids in biopharmaceutical applications. The Sealing and Transfer Systems allow you to easily retrofit your existing glass and plastic carboys, glass solution and media bottles and stainless steel vessels for aseptic fluid transfer, sampling or sealing.


Sealing and Transfer Systems technology ensures the fluid contact areas are virtually cr evice free, reducing the possibility of cross-contamination and loss of product.

Sealing and Transfer Systems can be completely customized to meet your specific application requirements. Factory installed multi-port configurations with silicone tubing and sanitary dip tubes are available.

All high-purity pla tinum-cured silicone and thermoplastic components can be autoclaved and steriliz ed for long life and reliability.


All Sealing and Transf er Systems materials of construction are non-cytotoxic and comply with USP Class VI standards.

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