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Sani-Tech® STHT-R-HD

Sani-Tech® STHT-R-HD

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Sani-Tech® STHT®-R-HD heavy-duty reinforced, platinum-cured silicone hose is an ultra-flexible, high-purity hose that was developed for extreme elevated pressure applications. Sani-Tech® STHT®-R-HD is manufactured with Sani-Tech® 65 custom brand silicone resin and can be supplied in 25- or 50-foot continuous lengths (depending on ID size) for critical applications. Sani-Tech® STHT®-R-HD hose withstands repeated autoclaving and sterilization and resists the adherence of blood products and other sanitary fluids.


  • High pressure ratings
  • Biopharmaceutical-grade hose
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Autoclavable and sterilizable
  • Imparts no taste or odor
  • Supplied in 25- or 50-foot continuous lengths
  • Available in custom colors for line identification
  • Meets USP Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 and FDA criteria

Typical Applications:

  • Load cell
  • Skid transfer
  • Vessel or tank transfer
  • Laboratory use
  • Media dispensing
  • Bioreactor process lines