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TYGON® 3350

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The inner surface of TYGON ® 3350 silicone tubing has been designed to reduce the risk of
particle entrapment and microscopic build-up during fluid transfer. In-house analysis of
the inner surface of TYGON ® 3350 silicone tubing compared to other silicone tubing
shows that it is up to three times smoother. In addition, when compared to stainless
steel tubing, TYGON ® 3350 tubing exhibits a smoother surface by a factor of up to 40.
A smoother fluid path also helps to facilitate complete sanitation of a fluid transfer
system. Even in repeat use applications, TYGON ® 3350 silicone tubing may prevent residue
build-up, aiding in complete cleaning and sterilization.
Additionally, the smooth inner surface of the TYGON ® 3350 silicone tubing improves fluid
flow characteristics by reducing surface area.


• Ultra-Smooth Inner Bore Reduces Potential for Particle Entrapment
• Minimal Extractables Help Maintain Fluid Integrity
• Documented Biocompatibility for Sensitive Applications
• Excellent Fluid Flow Characteristics
• Fully Tested to ISO 10993 Standards to Facilitate Validation Process
• Complete Inventory of Standard Sizes Available, Including Metric Sizes

Typical Applications

• Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Processing
• Medical Devices
• Cell Harvest and Media Process Systems
• Sterile Fill Lines
• Water for Injection (WFI) Transfer
• Chemistry and Blood Analyzers
• Liquid Chromatography