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Versilic ® Silicone Tubing

Versilic ® Silicone Tubing

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Versitec® is a high quality industrial silicone used in food industry, household electrical appliances, electrical industry and in drink dispensers. The Versitec® tubing is translucent, water-repellent and anti-adhesive. It presents an exceptional resistance to UV rays,oxygen and ozone; like all silicones, it is permeable. The technical performance of the Versitec® tubing, together with its effectiveness make it the ideal means of transferring high purity or high-tech fluids.

The Versitec® tubing is available from stock and comes in 40 sizes.


Features and Benefits

Peroxide cured silicone
Compliant with food standards French, German (BfR) and American (FDA)
Electrical insulation
Thermal resistance: -50°C to +200°C continuous, +220°C peak