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Laser Engraved Hygienic Seals

Laser Engraved Hygienic Seals

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• Laser Engraved Hygienic Seals, Screens and Orifice Plates insure permanent batch and/or lot traceability.
• Engraved compound information can be used to replace color dot compound code.
• Laser engraving available on:

Buna                          EPDM
Silicone                       FKM
PTFE                           Tuf-Steel®
Tuf-Flex®                    Compression Control
Orifice Plates               Screens

• Laser engraving available on hygienic seals from 1/2" through 4.0" sizes.
• Engraving will remain readable throughout the seal's service life.
• Special application markings can be engraved on seal at customer's request.
• Consult factory for limitations on etching space and pricing.
• Procedure usually adds one day to ship time, depending on quantity.
• Metal Detectable Elastomers available.
• Animal Derived Ingredient Free.