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Sealing and Transfer Systems

Sealing and Transfer Systems

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Sani-Tech® Sealing and Transfer Systems

Manufactured from high-purity, platinum-cured silicone elastomers,
thermpoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastics, our Sani-Tech® Sealing and
Transfer System components provide an aseptic seal for handling various
high-purity fluids in biopharmaceutical applications. The Sealing and Transfer
Systems allow you to easily retrofit your existing glass and plastic carboys,
glass solution and media bottles and stainless steel vessels for aseptic fluid
transfer, sampling or sealing.


• Provides an aspetic seal for
handling high-purity fluids and
sensitive biologicals
• Silicone insert with or without
silicone tubing or sanitary dip tubes
• Polypropylene screw caps with ports
• Modified screw closures with
multi-port capabilities
• Manuf actured from high-purity
platinum-cured silicone or
• All components can be steriliz ed for
long lif e and reliability
• Custom design capabilities for
all components

Typical Applications

• Aseptic fluid transfer, sampling
or sealing
• Glass and plastic carbo ys
• Glass solution and media bottles
• Stainless steel vessels
• Process applications

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