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Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors

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PendoTech is proud to offer a line of single use pressure sensors that can be integrated virtually into any bioprocess. They are the alternative low-cost solution for use with tubing and bioprocess containers to the existing stainless steel pressure sensors on the market. Available
in caustic resistant Polysulphone so they can be in-line during caustic sanitization processes

The pressure sensors can be integrated for pressure measurement and control with both a PressureMAT™ System (monitor/transmitter) or PendoTECH Process Control System and depending on the number of sensors and process requirements. The data collected by these systems can be output to a PC or another data monitoring device. They also can be integrated into other pre-qualified 3rd party pumps & monitors.

The pressure sensors are very accurate in the pressure ranges typically used with flexible tubing and disposable process containers and are qualified for use to 75 psi.*

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